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Mission Statement

It is our belief that animal companions enrich the lives of their owners.

With this relationship, we believe it is the owner’s responsibility to provide the highest quality care they can achieve. It is our aim and mission to stand above the rest. By investing in our employees, having them continue education, receive and maintain certifications, they will be industry experts.

As they learn more of our animal counterparts we can provide the highest quality care each animal requires with the utmost compassion and love each animal deserves.

Meet Our Staff

  • Cynthia Alvarado
    President, Manager

    Cynthia grew up in North Bay Shore and graduated from Brentwood High School. She has been working professionally with pets for over ten years. College summers were spent working in the family pet supply store that was in the USVI. In her senior year at NYU, she was offered a job at the family store as a groomer. After graduation she went to Cashmere Academy of Pet Grooming in Melbourne Florida. Confident in her new skills, Cynthia, groomed for three years in the USVI, at the store, at a veterinarian, and in pet owners’ homes!

  • Austin Hoffman
    Assistant Manager

    Austin grew up in Huntington and graduated from Walt Whitman High School. He has a passion for games and pets! After graduating from Farmingdale University he has had a variety of jobs. For the past four years he has boarded dogs with the help of Cynthia. She teases that Austin loves dogs more than she does!

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